Our barn wood siding comes from barns and buildings that range from 100-150 years old.  Most of our reclaimed barn wood siding is pine.  Pine is generally a softer wood, however, due to its age, it has hardened and dried significantly over time.  Barn wood siding has a beautiful look that is difficult to duplicate.  No two pieces look the same.  Even from the same barn or building, pieces can look drastically different.  As with the nature of all reclaimed wood, barn wood siding will show knots, knot cracks, nail holes, color variation and on some, paint.

Rustic antique weathered faded reclaimed gray barn wood sidng
Rustic antique weathered reclaimed faded red to gray barn wood sidng
Rustic antique weathered faded reclaimed red barn wood sidng
Rustic antique weathered faded reclaimed white barn wood sidng

Reclaimed barn wood siding has a number of uses.  It can be reused as siding on the exterior of your structure, or repurposed for interior paneling and other projects.  The possibilities are endless, from walls to furniture.  Barnwood siding can be used for large construction projects or small DIY projects. 

We carry a number of different styles of barn siding.  We generally have Faded Gray (no paint remaining), Faded Red to Gray (up to 50% red paint remaining), Faded Red (about 50-100% red), and Faded White.  Our barn wood siding sometimes comes in other colors as well.  Such as blue, green or yellow.  However, these colors are rare and are subject to availability. 

All of our barn siding generally comes random width (approx. 6-12”), random length (approx. 4-14’) and about ¾” thick.  The widths can truly be random throughout the pack or it could be mostly one width, it just depends on availability.

As with most of our material, we recommend ordering 15-20% extra for waste due to the nature of reclaimed material.


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Reclaimed faded red barn wood siding